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Trim Bin Bottom - $13.20
Replacement Screen (150 micron) - $16.80
Scissor Scrubber - $7.20
Static Brush - $3.60
Trim Bin Filter - $29.99


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The TrimBin by Harvest-More is the premier trim tray on the market. Sturdy and ergonomically designed, Trim Bin allows for stress-free trimming sessions and high yields.

Tired Of Trimming? Get Comfortable and Clean with the Trim Bin!

Trim Bin is easy to carry and simple to clean and will keep your scene organized and efficient.

Note: The Trim Bin Complete Set is the top and bottom of the trim bin with a brush on the inside only.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Trim Bin

Trim Bin Complete Set:

Dimensions: 20" x 15.75" x 6"

Weight: 5.0 lbs

Trim Bin Bottom:

Dimensions: 19.75" x 15" x 7.5"

Weight: 2.5 lbs

Replacement Screen (150 micron):

Dimensions: 15" x 9.75" x 0.2"

Weight: 0.3 lbs

Scissor Scrubber:

Dimensions: 7.5" x 3.75" x 2"

Weight: 0.3 lbs

Static Brush:

Dimensions: 5" x 2" x 0.2"

Weight: 0.3 lbs

Trim Bin Filter:

Dimensions: 19.75" x 15" x 6.5"

Weight: 2.35 lbs

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