Thrive.N - Organic Amino Acid

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Thrive.N is a high Nitrogen, fish based fertilizer that promotes vigorous growth, optimum health and higher yields. Being 100% water soluble and rich in amino acids, Thrive.N allows plants to absorb nutrients efficiently and immediately. Whether you're a commercial hydroponic grower, run a small organic farm or a weekend gardener, Thrive.N is the perfect organic solution for all growing applications.

79.28% Amino Acids; 59.56% in Protein Form and 19.73% in Free Form. The best of both worlds. Free Form Amino Acids allow plants to absorb nutrients immediately whereas Protein Form offers a longer release. Give your plants both a quick boost and a steady uptake.

The hydrolyzed fish protein is cold processed and freeze-dried into 100% water-soluble powder. Thrive.N can be used to with any irrigation system, foliar sprays, hydroponics, aeroponics, compost teas and any other method that requires liquid application.

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