"The Art of Fermentation"

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The Art of Fermentation:
An In-Depth Exploration of Essential Concepts and Processes From Around the World

by Sandor Ellix Katz

Self-described "fermentation revivalist" Sandor Katz inspired countless thousands to rediscover the ancient art of fermentation with his best-selling book Wild Fermentation

In The Art of Fermentation Katz offers the most comprehensive guide and definitive guide to do-it-yourself home fermentation in ways simple enough to guide a reader through their first experience making sauerkraut or yogurt, yet in-depth enough to provide greater understanding and insight for experienced fermentos.

Readers will find detailed information on:

  • Fermenting:
    • Vegetables
    • Meads, wines, and ciders
    • Beers and other grain-based alcoholic beverages
    • Sour tonic beverages
    • Milk, grains, and starchy tubers
    • Beans and seeds
    • Fish, meat, and eggs
  • Growing mold cultures
  • Using fermentation in agriculture, art, energy production, and commerce
  • How the processes work
  • Parameters for safety
  • Techniques for effective preservation
  • Troubleshootings
  • And more!

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