Subcool Nutrient Kit - BuildASoil Style

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Subcool Nutrient Kit (Free Shipping) - $60.00
1 CF Worm Castings (Free Shipping) - $75.00
1 CF BuildASoil Premium Base Soil (Free Shipping) - $25.00

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Subcool Nutrient Kit Includes:
(Mixes into 14 cubic feet of base soil + 1 cubic foot of Worm Castings)

Each Ingredient below will be packaged separately into it's own bag.
5 lbs - Fish Bone Meal (We removed Bone Meal and Doubled The Fish Bone)
5 lbs - Insect Frass (Replaced Bat Guano with Frass)
5 lbs - Fish Meal
1.5 lbs - Oyster Shell
1.5 lbs - Kelp Meal
1 lb - Alfalfa Meal
0.5 lb - Epsom Salts
0.75 lb - Dolomite
1 lb - Azomite
14 grams - BAS BIG 6 (Humic Acid and Micro Nutrients)

Notice! To keep the HIGH P that SubCool has with the Guano, use Rootwise Mycrobe Complete for Phosphorous Solubization!!

BuildASoil Premium Base Soil Includes:

(The Base Soil is bagged into Cubic Feet using the percentages below)

10% Premium Peatmoss
10% Oly Mountain Fish Compost
4 % Worm Castings
15% Growstones
13% Rice Hulls
40% Coco Coir
10 lbs Gypsum
8.33 lbs Chicken Manure

Worm Castings:

1 Cubic Foot Bag - About 40-50 lbs depending on moisture.
(Most customers purchasing 14 Cubic Feet Of Base Soil will need 1 Cubic Foot of Worm Castings)

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