Shitake Mushroom Log

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These logs come pre-inoculated and pre-incubated, ready to start growing delicious Shiitake Mushrooms! We order from our supplier on Mondays and ship the previous weeks orders each Wednesday. 

 How To Use
-Carefully remove the sawdust log from the shipping package and submerge it in clean, preferably un-chlorinated water for 4-6 hrs. Your log will float so weigh it down so that it is completely covered with water.

-After soaking is complete place the log on a plate or flat surface in a cool location (see growing conditions below), with the three inoculation holes facing up. Cover the entire shiitake log with a humidity tent, clear plastic bag, whatever will help to keep the log moist as the mushrooms start to develop.

*Try the Max Yield Bin for optimal fruiting*

Temperature, Light and Water
55°F~75°F. However, shiitake mushrooms need low temperature to initiate (55-65°F). We recommend you place the soaked log with the humidity tent in your refrigerator overnight; this cold shock will help initiate pin development. Preferred fruiting
temperature is 60-65 degrees F.

Shiitake mushrooms need light to grow, but do not expose your shiitake log to direct sun light.

Un-chlorinated fresh tap water or water from your garden hose is best for soaking and misting your shiitake log. You can dechlorinate your tap water by simply letting it sit out uncovered in a large bowl or bucket for 24 hrs. You can also remove chlorine
by boiling the water but be sure to let it cool down to room temperature before soaking or misting the log.

-7-10 days after soaking your shiitake logs you will start to see mushrooms. The mushrooms will be preceded by small bumpy protrusions on the log call pins…these are the immature shiitake mushrooms.

-Harvest your mushrooms when the cap is almost fully open but still somewhat curled over and you can clearly see the gills. Cut the mushroom off flush at the base of the stem. You can keep harvested shiitake mushrooms in the fridge for up to a week to 10
days and they will remain fresh and delicious.
-It is not unusual to see a spot of green mold appear on your shiitake log sometime during the development process. If you notice a spot of mold starting to grow on your shiitake log simple cut the spot off and rinse the area with clean water.

-Once you have harvested all the mushrooms from your shiitake log, remove it from the humidity tent and let it dry out for 3-5 days, no misting is necessary during this period.

-After the shiitake log has dried and rested for a few days you can re-soak and place it back it the refrigerator or other cool spot overnight.

-Now place your shiitake log back under the humidity tent and start misting as before and get ready to enjoy a second and sometimes even a third shiitake harvest!