"Science in Agriculture"

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Science in Agriculture:
Advanced Methods for Sustainable Farming

by Dr. Arden B. Andersen

A sophisticated professional farming system designed to enhance biological activity in the soil, provide energy to the crop and build internal resistance to pests and diseases.

This book contains an overview of the basic sciences necessary for the farmer to understand the language of the trade followed by their application in growing plants, regenerating soil, and producing the highest quality, nutritionally sound commodities possible.

In this book you will...

  • Learn how to apply true, natural science to agriculture
  • Learn what the major schools of thought which form the foundation of sophisticated eco-agriculture
  • Gain a working knowledge of chemistry, physics, and plant biology as applied to agriculture
  • Master the testing and evaluation methods needed for ecological management of your crops and soils
  • Discover what weeds are trying to tell you about your soil's fertility needs
  • Implement a program to produce crops, pastures, turf, landscape, or ornamentals of balanced nutritional and mineral content

"Biological farming is a 'best of both worlds' mix between organic and conventional farming practices, involving careful monitoring of crops and soils to ensure production is of high quality
- Dr. Arden Andersen

Copyright 1992, 2000, softcover, 380 pages