Pro K 0-0-20 (2.5 gal)

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Ferticell® Pro K™ 0-0-20, is an organic certified, fully soluble, plant-derived, liquid potassium fertilizer, designed to supply potassium in a higher plant usable form. Potassium, the third most used nutrient in plants, Pro K™ 0-0-20 plays important roles in plant functions such as regulating the opening and closing stomata, activating enzymes, balancing ions, translocating sugars and osmosis. balancing ions, translocating sugars and osmosis.

Pro K™ is plant sourced and fully organic, therefore all of its components are beneficial to plant activities. By utilizing our unique Ferticell® Technology manufacturing capabilities, we are able to produce a Potassium with little to no sulfur content. This greatly opens your application options and availabilities, unlike many other organic potassium fertilizers. Pro K™ has shown tremendous results in fruits, when used as a foliar application, bringing increased yield and quality to market with applications starting after bloom.

Fruits accumulate large amounts of K, so leaf symptoms are more likely and most severe as fruit approaches maturity during heavy crop years (Hanson, 1996)

  • The excellent plant absorption rate
  • Rapid uptake through the leaf
  • Ideal where soil application is a limiting factor
  • Extremely phloem mobile within the plant
  • Easy to handle, consistent liquid solution
  • Plant-derived organic potassium
  • Works for both foliar or soil applications
  • Rapid uptake through the leaf provides an immediate plant response
  • No application risk of phytotoxicity
  • Cannot tie up in soils because of molecular derivation
  • Is a non-salt-contributor and does not contain chloride
  • Works on all types of plant life in all stages of the plant cycle
  • Instantaneous delivery of key nutrients
  • Works seamlessly with most pesticides and herbicides
  • Known to improve drought resistance