Pink Oyster Mushroom Mycology Products



Pink Oyster - (Pleurotus djamor)

Available Now: 1. Liquid Culture: Simple, ready to use, clean, isolated cultures in liquid.  2. Agar culture dishes: 1st generation clone to ensure pure genetics 3. Colonized grain spawn: 5lbs per bag
NOTICE: Liquid Cultures Ship Immediately, AGAR ships within 7 Days and Colonized Grain Spawn Ships within 14 days. (This ensures fresh viable product for you)

Grow your own mushrooms!  Learn to stack them for ultimate brain power.   

Latin Name: Pleurotus djamor
Fruiting Temperature:
 65–85 °F

A tropical species, the Pink Oyster mushroom is also known as the Flamingo Oyster. It produces strikingly beautiful, bright pink mushrooms. Requires temperatures over 70 °F to fruit.

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