BuildASoil Mineral Kit - (For Peatmoss)


BuildASoil Mineral Kit For Peatmoss

If you're looking to mix soil you will need a Nutrient Kit and a Mineral Kit.

If you're looking for Nutrients see our Nutrient Kit For Sphagnum Peat Moss Base - ClackamasCoots Style. We separate the two so that the natural moisture in the rock dust doesn't effect the raw nutrients.

This Mineral Kit is compatible with making a NEW batch of soil using Canadian Sphagnum Peatmoss.

Peatmoss is acidic and this mineral mix will help balance PH. If you are Re-Amending or are working with Coconut Coir check out our other Mineral Mixes.

If you intend on using sphagnum peat moss then this kit is perfect for you. With the low PH of peat moss this kit comes with oyster flour to add lots of calcium and also help raise the ph to proper levels.

Mineral Kit Includes:

(Use at 4 Cups Per Cubic foot of soil or about 1/2 Cup per gallon of soil)

1. BuildASoil Basalt - Our Favorite Rock Dust for trace minerals. Highly paramagnetic.

2. Gypsum Dust - Calcium and Sulfur

3. Oyster Shell Flour - Calcium Carbonate - Adds available calcium and limes the Peat moss.

Selecting the right Mineral Mix:

18 lb Mineral Mix (25 Cups) - Mixes into 6 Cubic Feet of Soil = $11.36

27 lb Mineral Mix (37 Cups) - Mixes into 9 Cubic Feet of Soil (1/3 Yard) = $17.09

40 lb Mineral Mix (55 Cups) - Mixes into 14 Cubic Feet of Soil (1/2 Yard) = $22.06

80 lb Mineral Mix (110 Cups)- Mixes into 27 Cubic Feet of Soil (1 Yard) = $41.59

2000 lb Mineral Mix - Bulk Tote = $825.00

Looking for our Food Grade Buckets?

Find them below, please note the shipping is a little higher, this is due to not being able to ship these via Flat Rate Boxes.

See details below;

40 lb Mineral Mix (55 Cups) - Mixes into 14 Cubic Feet of Soil (1/2 Yard) = $30.00 (Comes in Food Grade Bucket)

80 lb Mineral Mix (110 Cups)- Mixes into 27 Cubic Feet of Soil (1 Yard) = $55.00 (Comes in 2 Food Grade Buckets)

The Recipe:

This kit will balance the Ph, add Calcium, help make other nutrients available and overall add trace minerals to your soil.

2 Parts BuildASoil Basalt - Trace Minerals and High Paramagnetic Energy
1 Part Gypsum - Locally Mined in Colorado - Calcium and Sulfur
1 Part Oyster Flour - Mined from San Francisco Bay - High in Calcium
(1 Large Mineral Kit will mix with 1/2 Yard of soil) 1/2 Yard is = 13.5 Cubic Feet
Use at 4 Cups Per Cubic Foot

Benefits of Remineralization:

  • Provides slow, natural release of elements and trace minerals.
  • Increases the nutrient intake of plants.
  • Increases yields and gives higher brix reading.
  • Rebalances soil pH.
  • Increases earthworm activity and the growth of microorganisms.
  • Builds humus complex.
  • Prevents soil erosion.
  • Increases the storage capacity of the soil.
  • Increases resistance to insects, disease, frost, and drought.
  • Produces more nutritious crops.
  • Enhances flavor in crops.
  • Decreases dependence on fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

Read more about rock dust:

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