Mason Jar Fermentation

$19.95 $75.00

Complete Fermentation Kit

Super Simple Home Fermentation

MasonTops fermenting tools eliminate the hassle and challenges of tradition methods, delivering perfection every time. Pickle Pipe silicone airlocks automatically vent fermentation gases without allowing oxygen to enter and spoil your ferment. Pickle Pebble fermenting weights are lead-free soda lime glass weights that keep your solids submerged below the brine at all times. Pickle Packers are all natural Acadia wood crush pounds of solids effortlessly and tightly packs product in your jar.

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Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit = $54.95 $75.00

The Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit comes with 4 Pickle Pebbles, 4 Pickle Pipe in 4 different colors (Red, Purple, Green, Blue), and 1 Pickle Packer.

Pickle Packer = $19.95

Pickle Pipe (3 Pack) = $21.95

Pickle Pebbles (4 Pack) = $21.95

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