Living Organic Soil - Oly Mountain Compost

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1 Cubic Foot Bag - $17.50
1 Yard Super Sack - (200 Gallons) - $350.00
2 Yard Super Sack (400 Gallons) - $700.00
Full Pallet (60 Cubic Foot Bags) - $840.00

Living Organic Soil Ready To Plant Into The Moment It Arrives At Your Door!! Hand Made, Small Batch, Artisan Quality.

  • Get 1 Cubic Foot for only $17.50 Plus Shipping Costs. (Add to your Cart to Check on Shipping Cost)
  • We Use approximately 7.5 Gallons per Cubic Foot

---> View the Soil Test Analysis here: Living Soil Test Results with Oly Mountain 

NOTICE: We are now offering the Malibu Compost Version of this soil and you can see the recipe here: Living Organic Soil With Malibu Compost

This soil mix will grow lush and healthy plants and serve as a complete soil with nutrients that can be used in a No-till Style system with back to back harvests. Tested better than every bagged product we could purchase locally. 

1 Part Oly Mountain Fish Compost

1 Part Sphagnum Peat Moss 

2/3 Part Pumice

1/3 Part Rice Hulls

Now with 5% Pre-Charged Colorado Bio Char!!

Nutrients included in the soil: 

Acadian Kelp Meal @ 1/2 Cup per cubic foot

Neem Cake  @ 1/2 cup per cubic foot

Crustacean Meal @ 1/2 cup per cubic foot

Brix Blend Basalt @ 2 Cups Per Cubic Foot

Gypsum Dust @ 1 Cup Per Cubic Foot

Oyster Flour @ 1 Cup Per Cubic Foot

Living Soil Explanation from BuildASoil on Vimeo.


Take Advantage Of Our World Famous Soil In Bulk!

#1. Super Sack on Pallet = $350 Per Yard (Available in 1 or 2 Yard Sizes) 


#2. By The Bag - 1 Cubic Foot Bag 

  • $17.50 Per Bag
  • 3.5 Mil Heavy Plastic Great For Storage 
  • Perforated Bags So your Soil Won't Suffocate.
  • About 35 Pounds Per Bag
  • $150 Deliver Per Pallet Anywhere in Colorado or New Mexico
  • We Can Fit 54 - 60 Bags Per Pallet +/- 2000lbs

Soil Test Results!!

1. Standard Soil Test Melich 3
2. Ammonium Acetate Soil test AA8.2


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