King Oyster - Trumpet Mushroom Mycology Products



King Oyster - (Pleurotus djamor)

Available Now: 1. Liquid Culture: Simple, ready to use, clean, isolated cultures in liquid.  2. Agar culture dishes: 1st generation clone to ensure pure genetics 3. Colonized grain spawn: 5lbs per bag
NOTICE: Liquid Cultures Ship Immediately, AGAR ships within 7 Days and Colonized Grain Spawn Ships within 14 days. (This ensures fresh viable product for you)

Grow your own mushrooms!  Learn to stack them for ultimate brain power. 

Pleurotus eryngii (also known as king trumpet mushroomFrench horn mushroomking oyster mushroomking brown mushroomboletus of the steppes, trumpet royalealiʻi oyster) is an edible mushroom native to regions of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, but also grown in many parts of Asia

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