Kelpak- Liquid Seaweed Concentrate

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Kelpak’s efficiency as a cost effective agricultural fertiliser has been scientifically proven internationally in numerous research programs under differing climatic conditions and on a wide variety of crops. This natural product has a broad application base, is easy to apply and is compatible with most crop protection chemicals and foliar feeds. View application rates and timing below:

Foliar Spray:

Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Concentrate is compatible with most foliar application methods such as the various turbo fan types. Sprays vary from 2-4 pts/Ac. The ratio of Kelpak to water needs to be increased to maintain a 1:300 dilution when volumes above 1000 pts/Ac are used.

Drip Irrigation:

Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Concentrate is applied using drip irrigation methods. Apply as pulse at the end of irrigation cycle and do not dilute more than 1:1000.

Root Soak:

Bare roots from trees or plants can be soaked in a Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Concentrate solution of 1% before plant out.

Soil Drench:

Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Concentrate can be applied as soil drench around the root base of trees and plants or seedbeds in a 0.5-1% solution.

Seedling Tray Dip:

Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Concentrate can be used as seedling tray dip. Immerse seedling tray in a 1% solution or apply as a light hand-watering.

Kelpak liquid seaweed concentrate is also approved in the USA by the WSDA Organic Material Registration Program for use as an input in organic farming. In it’s review, the WSDA Organic Material Registration Program uses the standards set by the USDA based on recommendations by the NOSB (National Organic Standards Board).