Blue Oyster Mushroom Inoculated Sawdust Bag 5lb


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5lb Inoculated Sawdust Bag - Free Shipping

Just Slice Holes and Grow your own mushrooms right out of this bag!! We only keep enough on hand to have freshly inoculated and ready bags on hand for you. These will ship immediately!

Premium Sawdust Bags have already been sterilized and inoculated from a colonized grain spawn bag. This is exactly how they do it on the organic mushroom farm and this will ensure you have incredible success growing your own gourmet mushrooms. The structure and size of the sawdust used is the perfect type and you will benefit from the years of experience of working with a professional Colorado mushroom farm. 

Each Sawdust Bag is enriched with gypsum and organic rice bran for superior results.

Professionally Sterilized in certified Organic Mushroom Grow Facility in Montrose Colorado.  The ability to measure moisture content and properly sterilize to a Standard Operating Procedure allows for consistent production of the highest quality.

We always recommend a proper grow environment for peak production.

You'll have mushrooms to eat soon after you get your bag. 

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