Iluminar HASH Controller




Securely control your grow room from your smart phone using the new HASH Controller. Record and manage VPD, temperature, CO2, PAR, humidity, lighting and more throughout the growth cycle. Retrieve info at the touch of a button from anywhere in the world.

Control light intensity from 0-100% for hundreds of light fixtures per zone. Onboard relays give the ability to control external contactors for cutting power to light fixtures. Using the Iluminar mobile app or online dashboard, you can create rule triggers, schedules, timers, remote control, and access data analytics. The Iluminar Lighting Controller can accept remote firmware updates for a continuously improving system. Your configured system will continue to run even if you lose network or internet connectivity. Onboard battery backup allows the system to maintain time synchronization during power and internet glitches. Reliable and robust onboard power that consists of input power filtering and protection against voltage spikes, EMI/EMF, and building power glitches.