Iluminar Double Ended 750/600W Light Fixture



ILUMINAR Lighting presents the new standard for Commercial DE applications. Just a few years ago, Double Ended Fixtures started gaining latitude in the indoor market.

ILUMINAR is now making a considerable mark on the commercial growing market with its new DE lineup of fixtures. The family of ILUMINAR DE fixtures that contractors, facility developers, and master growers are now demanding as a standard in their operations, now have available a 120V/240V option that gives the operational flexibility to have the fixture fit their electrical requirements.

ILUMINAR Lighting is now covering every aspect of the growing process, something no other lighting brand has done. They have paired with Grow Logic Innovation Team. The standard in products and performance will raise the bar for all other indoor manufacturers. Taking innovation and design, with the reliability of ILUMINAR Lighting - into a complete solution that now ONLY ILUMINAR can provide.


Comes with Iluminar 1000W DE HF HPS Lamp.