Heterorhabiditis Bacteriophora Nematodes


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Heterorhabiditis Bacteriophora Nematodes


Beneficial nematodes are microscopic worms that attack and kill targeted insects, without affecting any other organisms. Within the infected insect, the beneficial nematodes continually reproduce and then spread out for long term control.

Target Pests: Larval and white grub stages of: European chafers (Rhizotrogus majalis), Oriental beetles (Exomala orentalis) and Japanese beetles (Popillia japonica)

Use in Biological Control: Nemasys G contains live nematodes (heterorhabditis bacteriophora) in their vigorous juvenile stage. These nematodes attack pest larvae by entering their natural body openings. Once inside, they release symbiotic bacteria that quickly kill the insect larvae. Reproduction inside the larvae releases a new generation of hungry, infective juveniles that disperse in search of further prey.

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Orders ship Monday through Thursday. No Friday shipments and may take 3 days to process. Any orders placed Friday will be shipped the following week. All bugs are shipped with overnight shipping. If you would like the nematodes to ship on a specific date, please specify in the comments box in checkout.

Precautions: This product contains living organisms that require special handling and application procedures.

  • This product will not control the adult or egg stage of targeted insects.
  • DO NOT SUBDIVIDE. Once opened, use the entire tray immediately.
  • Use cool water for mixing.
  • DO NOT STORE MIXED SUSPENSIONS. Use nematode suspensions immediately after they have been mixed.
  • Remove filters that are 50 mesh or finer from application equipment and nozzles.
  • Do not exceed 300 psi pump pressure.
  • Do not use in application systems where nozzle aperture is smaller than 0.5 mm.
  • Agitate nematodes constantly during application.
  • DO NOT SPOT TREAT. Treat the entire crop at the appropriate rate.
  • Read and follow all label instructions thoroughly before applying Nemasys G.

Storage: Upon receipt of product, remove from shipping packaging and use immediately or store in a refrigerator at 40 ºF (5 ºC). DO NOT FREEZE. Ensure good air circulation around each tray. Do not use if past expiration date or incorrectly stored. 

Disposal: Product and packaging waste resulting from the use of this product, or unused, outdated product, may be disposed of on site or at any approved waste disposal facility in accordance with federal and local regulations

Recommended Rates: Nemasys G can be applied by using common application equipment, including tank sprayers and backpack sprayers.

  • Fill spray vessel or stock tank with half of the required amount of cool, clean water.
  • Start agitation.
  • In a bucket, premix the required number of Nemasys G trays in water. Use a minimum water volume of 1 liter (1 quart) per tray. Mix thoroughly.
  • Rinse bucket contents into spray tank
  • Continue agitation while mixing and fill spray tank to the required spray volume.
  • Maintain sufficient agitation during application to ensure uniform dispersion of nematodes in the spray mix
  • Use when grubs are in the 1st and 2nd instar.
  • Soil should be 12-30°C (54-86 ºF) at application and for at least two weeks after application.
  • Agitate nematodes constantly during application.
  • Avoid direct sunlight apply in early morning or late afternoon/evening.
  • Applying during/before/after rain is highly desirable.
  • Ensure soil is moist before application and for at least two weeks after.
  • Irrigate treated area immediately after application with 0.30 cm (1/8 in) of water to move the nematodes into the soil profile. Time the irrigation to within 30 minutes under hot, dry conditions and within 2 hours under cool, wet conditions
 Location Pest 250 Million Tray Volume
United States European Chafer Grub 2-3 bil. / ac. (8-12 trays / ac.) 65-130 gal. / ac. (1.5-3 gal. of water / 1000 ft²)
Oriental & Japanese Beetle Grubs 1-2 bil. / ac. (4-8 trays / ac.) 65-130 gal. / ac. (1.5-3 gal. of water / 1000 ft²)
Canada European Chafer Grub 5-7.5 bil. / ha (20-30 trays / ha) 600-1200 L / ha (6-12 L of water / 100m²)
Oriental & Japanese Beetle Grubs 2.5-5 bil. / ha (10-20 trays / ha) 600-1200 L / ha (6-12 L of water / 100m²)



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