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The story behind this product is just as good as the product. A friend and customer of BuildASoil wished to purchase a Laminar flow hood and was not happy with the ready to use choices. (You can make your own) So he decided to leverage his families hardwood business and relationships with Amish builders to construct a superior Laminar Flow Hood that any mycologist would be proud of. If you are looking for a first class Laminar Flow Hood then look no further! We guarantee you'll love it. 

All Hoods are made of Solid Hardwood, you choose the wood and the size. All hoods include .3 micron Hepa filters, with Dayton blowers and pre filters.

More Info:

Excerpt from DIY Laminar Flow Hood Article. Source:

Keeping mold spores, bacteria, and other nastiness out of your mushroom spawn is a constant fight for the cultivator. You could use a glove box with a pretty high rate of success, but anyone who wants to get serious about growing mushrooms needs to consider using a laminar flow bench.

Having a clean stream of air to work in is way more comfortable and much easier to use than an awkward glove box. A properly constructed laminar flow bench can allow for ultra clean laboratory conditions even in a not so clean environment such as your kitchen or basement, greatly increasing chances of success for a home cultivator.

What is it?

The typical laminar flow cabinet consists of three parts:

  1. A High Efficiency Particulate Air filter (HEPA filter) and pre-filter.
  2. A properly sized blower fan.
  3. A box to hold it all together and and provide a plenum for laminar flow.

The idea is to provide a smooth and constant flow of clean air over a work bench. Working within this flow using proper techniques should allow for petri dishes and spawn jars to be open without risking mold spores or other contaminants getting in.

The end result is easier and more successful inoculations, grain to grain transfers and agar work.