Grow-Sil Natural Silica

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Grow-Sil Natural Silica is a 99.9% pure amorphous silica made from rice hulls. Grow-Sil is the highest purity biogenic silica available to growers today.  Many conventional silica/silicate products contain 4%-45% silica.

This product contains 99.9% pure silica, allowing growers to use 1/2 of the product they would normally need to use to achieve optimal results. The raw material source, rice hulls is sustainable. The traditional source for competing lower grade silica, diatoms, is not sustainable.

Grow-Sil can be used as soil amendment at any stage of a plant's life cycle. Silica benefits include strengthening cell walls, protection from stress and fungal diseases, and improved uptake of necessary nutrients and minerals.

Weight: 1 lb
Dimensions: 10"x6"x1.75"

Weight: 50 lb
Dimensions: 24"x14"x10"

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