Gro-King 15 Gallon Garden Sprayer

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Gro-King Garden Sprayer orders will always take 3 weeks to process and begin shipping. Please be aware of this wait time in addition to regular shipping time.

The Gro-King TRW will transform spraying from a cumbersome, time-consuming chore into a pleasant and efficient process. The whisper-quiet operation, 12-15 foot throw, gentle full-cone spray pattern, thorough blow-thru and complete coverage this unit delivers will amaze the first-time user.

Spraying with a TRW will provide full coverage, use noticeably less solution and significantly reduce spraying time. Its powerful electric pump eliminates the noise and toxic fumes created by gas-engine backpacks. Tiresome hand-pumping, frequent tank refills and climbing ladders will no longer be required to keep your garden flourishing.

Whether your garden is large or small, indoor or outdoor, equipped with electricity or “off-the-grid”, the TRW’s design options and high-quality, low cost accessories make it easy to choose an ideal combination of features.

All Gro-King components are commercial quality and carry a one year limited Warranty.

Properly maintained, a TRW-115 should provide many years of trouble-free and cost-effective service. We are now including 10lbs of Neutralizer with every order!


It is extremely important to clean the sprayer after every use. Leaving solutions of any kind (nutrients, pesticides or organic teas) in the sprayer between uses, may damage the pump’s diaphragm, clog the internal parts of the spray gun extension, and void the Warranty. To assist owners of the TRW-115 in maintaining the sprayer’s performance, and protecting their rights under our Warranty, Gro-King sells Neutralizer, an effective granular cleaning agent that allows the TRW-115 to be used for spraying both pesticides and nutrients, without cross-contamination.

Gro-King Garden Sprayer

The TRW-115 sprayer was designed by a serious gardener to provide other gardeners with:

  • Superior coverage
  • Unparalleled ease of use
  • Multi-season durability
  • Adaptability that only commercial agricultural components can deliver.

This standard model comes mounted on a steel cart with a high pressure pump, a 15 gallon tank, 50 feet of hose and either the long or short spray gun. Both spray guns are equipped with quick-connect fittings for ease in draining the hose or changing the gun. The long gun comes with a stainless steel core/disc, produces 12-15 feet of gentle, horizontal throw and is recommended for outdoor use. The short gun comes with the "light spray" polymer nozzle, produces a shorter, much finer spray and is recommended for indoor use. Additional nozzles are available. Customers can also order both guns with this unit.

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Gro-King Garden Sprayer orders will always take approximately 2-3 weeks to process and begin shipping. Please be aware of this wait time in addition to regular shipping time.