Grassroots Custom Fabric Raised Beds


Grassroots Custom Fabric Raised Beds

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How to order?

To order please contact us by email at, with the exact dimensions you prefer on the bed(s). We will return a quote to you as soon as possible and let you know the estimated shipping date. If you are unsure of what size bed to get, please email us at or give us a call at 855-877-7645.

BuildASoil is proud to announce Grassroots Custom Fabric Raised Beds! As part of an invite-only program from Grassroots, we are happy to be one of the only authorized distributors on the market!

Get the maximum potential for your growing space with Grassroots Custom Fabric Raised Beds. These custom fabric raised beds are made for you, exactly how you want!

You provide us with the exact dimensions, and a fabric bed will be made exactly how you want!

Grassroots beds are made in the USA with strong triple hemmed sleeves for PVC. The bottom seams are sewn on the outside, to help prevent rot.

1” PVC fittings are provided for you. You can also choose between basic fittings, or fittings for a trellis.

Why would I want custom raised beds?

Do you grow on indoor tables or with trays? Then you would like a bed to fit evenly inside the trays, or sit nicely on top of your tables. There are many varieties of trays, so stock sizes may not always fit, or leave enough room on the sides. A custom bed can be made to fit just right.

Do you have limited space in a greenhouse? Custom raised beds can be made to fit your greenhouse perfectly!

Do you have an odd-shaped yard or garden? Custom Raised Beds can even be crafted in "E" style shapes. The options are endless, but its up to you how you like it designed.

What are the possibilities?

There are very few limitations. Here are just a few examples:

  • 4ft x 90ft x 1.5ft – long beds for a greenhouse
  • 38in x 87in x 12in – beds to fit 4×8 trays for indoor
  • 30in x 30in x 14in – square beds to fit in 4×4 trays for indoor
  • 44.5in x 93in x 18in – beds for indoor pallet racking

Most Custom Fabric Raised Beds are made with tan fabric. But you also have the choice of black fabric.

How to order?

To order please contact us by phone or email with the exact dimensions. We will return a quote to you as soon as possible and let you know the estimated shipping date.

Phone: 855-877-7645

We have a minimum order of $500 for custom raised beds.

Any beds wider than 5ft would require an extra support leg in the middle so the extra fittings might bring the cost up.

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