The Gas Mix: Gascanastan's Custom Recipe

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Gascanastan is part of the original BuildASoil story. Gas and MGD have taught how to grow in living organic soil since before I even knew what Living Organic Soil was. When I first started learning it was because of the Famous IG thread Living Organic Soil Start through Recycling and Gas, Coot, MicrobeMan and all that were heavy in it. 

2lbs Per Cubic Foot

Suggested Volume To Buy:

2lb Bag = 1 Cubic Foot Home Made Soil

10lb Bag = 5 Cubic Feet Of Soil

27lb Bag = Half Yard or 13.5 Cubic Feet of Soil

54lb = 2 x 27lb Bags will Make 1 Cubic Yard of Soil = 27 Cubic Feet

Easiest Volume of soil to make based on 1 x 3.8 CF Bale of Peatmoss = 18 Cubic Feet

Purchase the 27lb and the 10lb  bag and mix into the 1 Bale of Peat. 3.8 Cubic foot bale of peat once fluffed = 6 cubic feet. Add to that 6 cubic Feet Compost and 6 Cubic Feet Aeration. Total = 18 Cubic Feet of Soil!

Base Soil Recipe to add Gas Mix Into:

1 Part Canadian Sphagnum Peatmoss

1 Part Premium Quality Compost or Castings

1 Part Aeration like Pumice and or Rice Hulls


Ingredients are:

Kelp Meal
Crustacean Meal
Fish Meal
Neem Cake
Rolled Oats
Karanja Cake
Dried Molasses Powder
Ferti-Soluble Humic Acid
Oyster Shell Flour