Farms Not Pharms T-Shirt

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We are excited to announce the brand new Limited Edition #FarmsNotPharms Hemp T-shirts, designed by Parker Fick for GuerillaHealer, a 501(c)3 charity BuildASoil has supported for years!  This shirt supports safe & organic protocols, as we enjoy a food is medicine approach to life! GuerillaHealer helps patients with life threatening ailments apply natural methods in order to optimize diet, healthcare, & lifestyle.  This limited run of hemp Hoodlamb printed shirts are brought to you by BuildASoil, in association with Essential Extracts, 1000 watts magazine, Endomaxx, Projectivity, and of course GuerillaHealer! FarmsNotPharms stickers available too! 

Take a moment to check out, as well researching our shirt sponsors!

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