EarthBox Junior


EarthBox Junior


This compact-sized EarthBox® Junior™ is just like the original EarthBox® gardening system with the same smart technology; but approximately half the size and specifically designed for smaller spaces. Junior™ is the perfect size for growing a kitchen herb garden, and is ideal for use as a pretty window box with flowers. Good things really do come in small packages!


Each EarthBox® Junior™ Gardening System includes:

1 Jr. EarthBox® container with integrated overflow drain

1 Junior™ Aeration Screen

1 Junior™ Water Fill Tube

2 B/W Reversible Junior™ Mulch Covers

4" Overflow Saucer

Instruction Manual.

Measures 23" long x 7 ¼" high x 9 ½" wide/deep.

Holds 1 cu. ft. of growing media.

Reservoir holds 1.15 gallons of water.

To use the Automatic Watering System (AWS) with the Junior™ gardening system, replace the Junior™ Water Fill Tube with a standard EarthBox® Water Fill Tube.

Please Note: Casters will not work with this product.

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