Dried Molasses Powder From Cane Sugar




Food Grade Sugar Cane Molasses

If you wish to avoid the Feed Grade versions, this is the best value for food grade. 

Molasses is commonly used in the garden as a food source for microbes in compost tea. Many people also use it to mix up into their soil along with other amendments as a source of carbon. Whatever you use it for we wanted to offer the highest quality that we could find and that meant sourcing it from sugar and not from other plants that are often lower quality and made specifically for animal feed. 

Our product is made from cane sugar and made from NON-GMO sugar that is mature and doesn't need to be sulfured to create stability. What you get is a pure single ingredient product that you can use in your garden and feel good about it. 

We started carrying this product after several customers asked. We researched different brands based on price and we found out the hard way that many of the animal feed brands have preservatives and other inputs that could be harmful to fungi and soil life. Beware what you might get if you go with another vendor not using the product for their garden the same way BuildASoil does.