Cover Crop - Spring Cold Tolerant Green Manure Blend

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This blend was specifically designed with hemp farmers in mind. 

Sow in early spring and have excellent green manure before Hemp Planting dates.

- 9.09% Koto Buckwheat - (75,000 Seeds Per Acre)

- 9.09% Berseem Clover -  (1,050,000 Seeds Per Acre)

- 27.27% Everleaf 126 Oats - (210,000 Seeds Per Acre)

- 45.45% Icicle Field Peas - (112,500 Seeds Per Acre)

- 9.09% Hairy Vetch - (90,000 Seeds Per Acre)

- Broadcast at a rate of 55 lbs per acre

Normally here in Montrose, hemp farmers are planting their clones or seedlings in late may but mostly from June - July. This means we need a spring cover crop that can fix 100lbs of Nitrogen and out-compete the weeds while attracting all the beneficial insects and soil microbes. 

Germination has to take place below 40 degrees or we won't get anything established by the time we need to plant and the cover crop will be a waste.

This specific blend was designed with all of the parameters in place and will easily terminate and be ready for planting your hemp. Not only that this blend will provide ample organic matter and Fix significant amount of nitrogen to off set the soil amendment cost.

This blend is designed for low cost broadcasting of seed and is extremely cold weather tolerant and will grow well in heavy alkaline soils. 

Ideal Sowing is as 10 weeks before your Hemp Planting date. For most people that is the end of March. This will allow for full cover crop growth and enough time to terminate before it goes to seed and allow for a productive main grow season.