Compost Tea Brewer - 5 Gallon Mini Microbulator


Do You Want To Produce A Living Compost Tea? 

This product is shipped directly from Canada and is always shipped USPS. 


Then follow a proven design and recipe....

Tim Wilson's Mini-Microbulator is a proven winner and is now available for just $99.00 + $25.57 Shipping.

Now Get it without the pump for $95.00 total including shipping. 

BuildASoil is proud to announce the launch of Tim Wilson's new 5 Gallon Home Compost Tea Brewer Unit.

This Mini-Microbulator is a small version of his popular 55 gallon Microbulator. 

What it comes with:

  • Commercial Air Pump - Specially Slotted and Fitted for larger tubing and more airflow. (Now Using Elemental Brand Pump)
  • Connectors and Tubing all set and ready to go.
  • Bungy Cord for holding the airlift in place. 
  • Rubber Mat for Air Pump to rest on. 
  • Everything EXCEPT for the Bucket.

Important Points:

  1. 2 Year Warranty from Tim Wilson aka MicrobeMan - See Warranty Info Below.
  2. Low Cost - Arround the same cost as ordering parts online and making it yourself. 
  3. No Chance of leaking from the bottom and perfect for the indoor compost tea brewer.
  4. Proven and Effective without having to purchase any expensive laboratory equipment. 
  5. Stop Guessing and start growing healthier plants!

Advanced Brewers Take Note:

  • Dissolved Oxygen Tested and Proven so you don't have to go buy your own meter.
  • Every Fitting Size and Length tested and then Re-Tested to ensure the best brew. 
  • Microscope Work and videos to prove the efficacy of this exact brewer.
  • No More Guessing if your particular DIY brewer is working properly. 
  • Simple and Effective recipe costs pennies per gallon. 

We are commencing marketing of the 5 gallon bioreactor in the Fall of 2014 in response to requests for something more affordable for the home-based gardener. It is designed to fit and be used with the 5 gallon pail sold by Home Depot or any other 5 gallon pail with the same dimensions. We are not shipping the unit with the pail to keep postal costs low for the consumer. Often you can get these buckets for free from restaurants.

Watch this video to see the bioreactor in operation and to learn how to use it.


How It Works

Like its 50 gallon big brother it is loosely patterned after the airlift bioreactors used in laboratories for multiplying microorganisms. This is exactly what we wish to accomplish; to extract microbial spores from compost or vermicompost and multiply them as living bacteria/archaea, flagellates, naked amoebae, ciliates and fungal hyphae; sometimes rotifers and nematodes are present. This is what I call a 'microbial extrapolation'.

This diversity of microbes is responsible for cycling nutrients in a living soil which feed the roots of plants. There are also some studies showing disease/pathogen suppression using these liquid microbial suspensions.

There are some compost tea manufacturers and sellers who would like you to believe that the diversity required is somehow complex and elusive, except with DNA testing. Certainly these species of specialized bacteria and archaea can only be discerned via DNA (or through other complex testing), however thankfully we do not need to know their names to see most of them with 400X magnification and the protozoa and fungi comprising the diversity are even easier to see. Ask yourself how much money these people are requesting for their pretty brewers and do they present any data at all or just testimonials?

Please see this video for representative data regarding the microbial populations created using the Mini-microbulator.



Generally a batch is completed in around 36 hours but this time can be shortened by pre-feeding the compost or vermicompost to be used. This is outlined in my article More on Compost Tea 2013  along with some basic recipes. The dissolved oxygen (DO2) of a finished batch has been over 7 PPM for us with water TDS at around 75 PPM but as high as 9 PPM DO2.

Guaranteed Performance
There is always a range of variability when making aerated microbial extrapolations (aerated compost tea [ACT]) Even when we make ACT on our little farm using vermicompost from the same pile we get slightly differing results under the microscope every time. 

Variations like temperature, changes in water, microbes in the atmosphere, moisture content of compost, subtle changes in foodstocks, exposure to light, time of day, perhaps barometric pressure and perhaps even the phase of the moon could all slightly effect the microbe population multiplied. Therefore one cannot guarantee standard results, however I can guarantee that the device, used as instructed, will extract and multiply microbes as well as or better than, the high priced compost tea machines on the market.

There is a one year warranty on the pump which we will extend to 2 years barring abuse and like our other devices we will cover the unit for 2 years. It is very important to keep these pumps above the surface of the water when not running to prevent water backflow and burnout. We have one pump we have used for over 5 years.

We recommend cleaning the inside of the pipe after making a batch. It can be pulled apart where not glued and flushed with fresh hot water and pipe brush. It takes about 2 minutes and prevents residue build up. There is no need to clean out the airline if the device is left running until removed, as in the video.

Other Uses
The device can also be used for making fertilizer teas from botanicals/herbs such as alfalfa meal, kelp meal, comfrey, etc. We have also used it to mix up trichoderma spores, Actinovate (Streptomyces lydicus) and homemade knotweed extract to apply to pathogens. It could likely be used for thoroughly mixing many types of fertilizers, even salts.

Price: $99.00 USD - shipping $25.57 throughout USA

[All models. US Patent 7972839 B2]

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