Oly Mountain Fish Compost

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1 Cubic Foot - $18.00
1.5 Cubic Yard - $500.00

Oly Mountain Compost is our absolute favorite and now it's more affordable than ever!

1 Cubic Foot Bag = $18.00   Plus Shipping 1.5 Cubic Yard      = $500.00 Plus Shipping (Shipping Cost Preview available in your shopping cart) Usually more affordable when purchasing several bags.
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View the video below: Malibu Bio-dynamic Compost compared visually with Oly Mountain Fish Compost

Oly Mountain Fish Compost® and Oly Mountain Organic Compost® are registered organic compost materials, high in organic matter and soil-building nutrients, sold through quality retail outlets in our communities.

Oly Mountain Fish Compost is a virtually odorless compost and soil additive that is high in nutrients that takes over two years to become a finished product.

Oly Mountain Organic Compost is an excellent compost that is weed free. It serves as an attractive soil cover in beds and effective weed mulch. The extra composting time and careful screening make them an exceptional quality product for growing healthy plants, fruits, vegetables and ornamentals

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Coming Soon!

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