BuildASoil Ultra Clean Commercial Recipe



BuildASoil Ultra Clean Commercial Recipe

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Ultra Clean Commercial Recipe - Commercial Use 

This recipe is made from only 9 of our most standardized ingredients designed to be the lowest heavy metal living soil on the market. 

Good in = Good out

Success!! After over 1 Year in production this recipe has had 100% success rate. Clean, Potent and high quality production for the Living Soil Cultivation Facility.

NOTICE: Full truckload freight quotes are only good for 1 truckload. If purchasing more than 1 Truckload please reach out via or call 855-877-7645 Thanks

Only 9 Clean Ingredients

- Fewest Ingredients for duplicatable quality control

Over 25% Organic Malibu Compost for No Till

  1. Raw Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss
  2. Malibu Compost - Organic Non GMO and Biodynamic
  3. Pumice - 3/8" x 1/4" 
  4. Karanja Seed Meal - Ultra Clean, Non GMO, Sustainable, No Metals 
  5. Mustard Meal - High in sinigrin which can help clean soil
  6. Gypsum
  7. Oyster Shell Flour 
  8. Pajaro Valley Gold Rice Bran - OMRI organic High Phosphate Low Heavy Metals
  9. Montana Grow Silica - Volcanic Rock dust to mitigate uptake of heavy metals
Ingredient Arsenic Cadmium
Peatmoss 0.59 0.052
Malibu 0.885 0.042
Pumice 0.3 0.1
Karanja Seed Meal 0 0
Mustard Seed Meal 0 0
Pajaro Valley Rice Bran 0.31 0.04
Montana Grow 0.004 0.002
Gypsum 0.378 0.034
Oyster Shell Flour 0.23 0.4

No Rice Hulls to eliminate batch metal variability

- Clean Plant Based Phosphorous source. No Soft Rock Phosphate or Bone Meals

- No Kelp Meal to eliminate Arsenic Fluctuations

- 9 premium ingredients that we can test more often

Commercial Growers will want to supplement Amino Acids to kick start growth. The copious amounts of Montana Grow will help the Phosphate remain plant available as it can assist in the prevention of calcium binding with the phosphate.

Home Growers don’t worry about this! Heavy metals in all BuildASoil recipes are lower than other potting soils and native soil. Even still, commercial medical growers need to start with the lowest possible amounts to pass the ridiculous testing that they are forced to go through. Commercial and Medical Growers are up against some of the most strict standards for Heavy Metals in the world. 


Heavy Metal Uptake: We make no guarantee that crops will pass heavy metal testing using this soil.

average rating 5.0 out of 5
Based on 1 review
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Rated 5 out of 5
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Ultra clean recipe

Popped 10 seeds so far with a %100 success rate. Seems to work great.

Initial Moisture Level
Rated 0 on a scale of minus 2 to 2, where minus 2 is Dry, 0 is Normal and 2 is Soaking Wet
Rated 5 out of 5
Rated 5 out of 5
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