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Receive or undivided attention and get it done right starting now

One proper run could change your life!

We always aim to consult for free but as demand increases we want to make sure those that really want our help can pay and schedule an appointment immediately. 

You can work with BuildASoil Approved staff or with Jeremy Silva directly.  

(Notice: Jeremy Silva is very busy and any solid hour that is blocked off will take time away from the entire team and several other customers. Rather than make himself unavailable we decided to offer his services at a premium price to those that absolutely need it. For all others, we are creating content everyday and you can always email for free answers.)

- No Till Implementation

- Grow Room Turnaround

- Soil Building 

- Soil Testing 

- Standard Operating Procedures 

- Propagation

We have several options.

NOTICE: Once you purchase your consult you will receive an email within 24 hours with a calendar to schedule your appointment. 

BuildASoil Approved Staff Phone or Skype with Email Communication:

Pay by the hour consult and written action plan

$50.00 Per Hour

Phone or Skype with Jeremy Silva by the Hour:

$500 Per Hour 

In Person Site Visit by Jeremy Silva with Follow Up Action Plan:

$750.00 Half Day Local Visit - 4 hours

$1500.00 Full Day 8 Hours Site visit + Paid Transportation and Lodging. 

Additional Days as Package deal. 

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