BuildABoom - High Potency Bulk Mushroom Substrate


BuildASoil is proud to get involved in mycology and further the use of our individually sourced and vetted premium organic inputs. Now instead of scouring the internet for rare ingredients you can get Bulk Substrate made by us in partnership with our Local Mushroom growers in Montrose Colorado. 

Using our Bulk Substrate we recommend using 1.5 - 3 lbs of fully colonized grain spawn to create your tub. If you don't already have injectable grain bags we offer premium organic versions here at and they ship ready to use. 


30% Premium Coco Coir From Organic Coconut Farms - Fully Rinsed

30% Vermiculite - Horticultural Grade

20% Malibu Biodynamic Compost (Manure Based From Cows Raised Humanely)

15% Organic  Soy Hulls - Loose Not Pellets (Non-GMO)

  5% Colorado Worm Company - Primo Worm Castings from the local heady source.

We make this in small batches and per Cubic Yard we add the following::

50lbs Diamond K Gypsum - Ag Grade

40lbs - Blue Ridge Meta Basalt - Paramagnetic Rock Dust

10lbs Oyster Shell Flour - Calcium Carbonate

5lbs Organic Malted Barley

2lbs Thorvin Kelp Meal


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