BubbleSnake Compost Tea Aerator by TeaLAB

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The BubbleSnake Aerator is a simple device. Attach an air pump and you are ready to brew. The larger bubbles created by the BubbleSnake create mixing currents in the brew vessel, ensuring a well oxygenated system. Number one reason why the BubbleSnake is better, it's easy to clean. No more clogged air stones or algae ridden knots of air tubing. Finish Grade PVC does not stain and wipes clean after use. Pop off the end and blow out with water, you are ready for the next batch of A.A.C.T. Don't be fooled by the simplicity, this widget works.

5 Gallon Brew Kit - (Includes 5 Gallon BubbleSnake Aerator and Brew Bag plus a 951 GPH Elemental Air Pump)

30-50 Gallon Brew Kit - (Includes 30-55 Gallon BubbleSnake Aerator and Brew Bag plus a 1744 GPH Elemental Air Pump)


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Coming Soon!