Boomer Shroomer - Inflatable Monotub Kit

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If you’re looking for a simple setup for growing homegrown mushrooms without the high cost of shipping a plastic tub, this inflatable monotub kit is it – virtually hands-free and so easy! Perfect for first-time growers – I’ll even help you through the process if you have any questions!

  • Built-in drain hole for easy rehydration and draining.
  • Multiple air holes for controlled humidity and ventilation
  • Improved lid design
  • Clear plastic for easy viewing.
  • Thick sturdy plastic for reuse for more grows.
  • Easily stored and shipped when not in use
  • 19x11x11 Inches
  • 42 qts

Includes: 10 Red Plugs and 10 1-inch filters and a liner. Also includes instructions and stickers!