Bokashi Bucket Kit With Grain

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Bokashi Bucket Kit - $60.00

Bokashi Bucket Kit Includes:

  • 5 Gallon Bokashi Bucket with spigot for easy removal of leachate.
  • Insert sleeve to hold food waste above the liquid
  • Plastic mashing device to press food waste into bucket
  • 2lbs Bokashi Grain

I use this exact system everyday in my house and have developed a simple system to keep the process going all the time. Weather you have a large family or a just a single person, this bokashi composting system will work awesome in your house.

If you have been looking for a way to experience the benefits of home composting without the space and time that it would normally take on the farm, then you have found a very reliable and well tested solution. 

We are available M-F on the phone if you have any questions.

Keep this bucket in your kitchen without any odor. Collect food waste for the day and then toss it into your bin... this is great for when you care preparing veggies or just cleaning out the fridge. You can put meat and cheese in your Bokashi bucket but I only add plant materials to mine.

I found myself loathing the composting process because I never had enough material at once to do a proper big farm compost setup. But with the Bokashi bucket I've been able to work wonders in my small setup. I Bokashi and then bury the waste in my garden all winter so that next year will be even better. I also take the fermented bokashi waste and bury some in a corner of my large worm bin. The worms LOVE it! It's so cool because you're not supposed to add fresh food scraps to your worm bin especially when they are full of moisture. With the Bokashi bin, the moisture is smashed out and the fermentation process with Effective Microorganisms are creating superior worm food. 

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