BioAg - Vam Endo Myco Mix

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Vam Endo - 100g - $9.60
Vam Endo - 300g - $19.85
Vam Endo - 1 Kilo - $45.00

Vam Endo contains 7 species of Granular Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, resulting in superior plant and root growth.  Use in a variety of applications including dry broadcast for turf and farms or add to liquid for hydroponic, irrigation, and hand-watering applications.  Use for seed treatments, clones/cuttings, and fortification after making compost tea. Grown In Vivo. No Trichoderma.

Select your item in the drop down menu above:
Vam Endo - 100 Gram Bag = $9.60
Vam Endo - 300 Gram Bag = $19.85
Vam Endo - 1 Kilo Bag = $45.00

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