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Bears Head - (Hericium)

Available Now: 1. Liquid Culture: Simple, ready to use, clean, isolated cultures in liquid.  2. Agar culture dishes: 1st generation clone to ensure pure genetics 3. Colonized grain spawn: 5lbs per bag NOTICE: Liquid Cultures Ship Immediately, AGAR ships within 7 Days and Colonized Grain Spawn Ships within 14 days. (This ensures fresh viable product for you)
Grow your own mushrooms!  Learn to stack them for ultimate brain power. 

Hericium Americanum or Bear's Head Tooth is a mushroom that grows in the. Pacific Northwest. Like all other types of Hericium, it contains a compound called. “erinacines” which is increasingly being studied for it's neuroprotective effects. and has shown potential in treating Alzheimer's disease and dementia

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