Amino Acid Powder - Non GMO

This Amino acid rich Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer is in the form of spray dried powder derived from guaranteed non GMO Soybean with vegan enzyme hydrolysis. This product provides 90% protein and peptides with 85-86% in the form of L-Amino Acids and acts as an effective biostimulant for plants. It also contains a full spectrum of L- amino acids which act as precursors for growth enzymes and yield improvements. This product is ideal as an Amino acid source for Organic crops and as an Organic Nitrogen source for crop needs. Recommended for all crops including vegetables, fruit trees, nut trees, row crops, feed and forage crops, ornamental trees, flowers, shrubs, container plants, turf and public greens.

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  • Minimal or no biological odor, a preferred feature by applicators and growers.
  • Fulfills crop amino acid deficiencies and help crops achieve pest & disease resistance.
  • Promotes soil microbial growth and improve root growth and root zone health.
  • Provides instant source of organic nitrogen to plants.
  • Enhances crop growth, flowering and yields. Acts as an effective biostimulant.
  • Enhances biological performance of other agrochemicals in tank mixing.
  • Can be safely stored for up to 36 months.
  • Don't forget to check out the BrochureLabel, and the MSDS.

Recommended Usage:

Foliar use: Apply 1-8 Pounds per acre (0.5-4.0 kg). Multiple applications may be made 7-14 days intervals.

Drip use: Apply 4-8 Pounds per acre (0.5-4.0 kg). Multiple applications may be made 7-14 days intervals.

Sprinkler use: Apply 8-16 Pounds per acre (0.5-4.0 kg).

Container and Nursery Plants: Apply 2-4 Fl. OZ (60-120 gm) per Gallon water as a soil drench application.

Lawn and Home Gardens: Apply 0.5-1.0 Tbs. per Gallon water (7.5-15 gm) and make foliar (or) soil application.

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