Active 2-20-2

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What is the Active Product Line?

Ferticell® Active N-P-K is a line of high efficiency organic certified fertilizing materials for organic crop production. Ferticell® Active N-P-K affords the organic grower the ability to fine-tune his/her fertilization plan, a flexibility previously enjoyed mostly by conventional farmers.

Developing correct plant nutrition recommendations has always been a challenge in organic production. Along with pest control, plant nutrition remains one of the major yield limiting factors for organic farmers.

Using conventional practices, organic growers and crop advisors can now develop fertilizer recommendations that supply the right nutrient, at the right time, and at the right rate.
Ferticell® Active N-P-K’s are manufactured using the highest quality plant and mineral sources. No animal waste or by-products are used in the manufacture, a major advantage in addressing Food Safety concerns and regulations.

Why use Active?

Active 2-20-2: For boosting plant energy during high metabolic stress periods

Active 5-10-10: Balanced for flowering and fruit set

Active 10-3-10: To support fruit sizing and increased sugar formation

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Use at the rate of 1 Tsp - 1 Tbsp Per gallon of water

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