AC Infinity - Tent Trellis Netting - Flexible Elastic Cords



AC Infinity - Tent Trellis Netting - Flexible Elastic Cords




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AC Infinity Flexible Trellis Net - Perfect for Indoor Cultivation & More 🌱🍁

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Step up your indoor flower cultivation game with the AC Infinity Flexible Trellis Net. Tailored for grow tents, this netting is meticulously designed to boost lateral plant growth and provide robust support for heavy yields, ensuring your plants reach their peak potential. But it doesn't stop there; this netting is versatile enough for all plants requiring support. 🌿🔝

Key Features:

Optimized for Indoor Growers: This agricultural plant netting is specifically crafted to enhance both lateral and upward growth of cannabis plants, ensuring they get the sturdy support they need during their flowering phase. 🌿🌼

Heavy-Duty Support: With elastic rubber cords wrapped in high-quality polyester, this trellis net stands strong against the weight of budding cannabis plants, ensuring they remain upright and healthy. 🍁💪

Gentle on Plants: The non-abrasive cells of the netting ensure your cannabis plants' stems are protected, while also providing ample space for easy pruning and bud picking. ✂️🌱

Versatile Installation: Catering to the unique needs of indoor cannabis growers, this netting can be installed horizontally, vertically, or in an A-frame array, fitting seamlessly into any indoor grow setup. 🌞🌛

Secure and Adjustable: Equipped with steel hooks, the netting securely clips onto your grow tent's frame. Plus, its height is adjustable, adapting to the growth stages of your  plants. 🔗📏

Flexible Sizing: Ranging from 2x2’ up to 5x5’, this trellis netting is perfect for various grow tent sizes, ensuring every cannabis plant gets the support it deserves. 🌱📐

Universal Support:

While the AC Infinity Flexible Trellis Net is a game-changer for indoor cultivation, its benefits extend to all plants in need of support. Indoor or Outdoors, whether you're growing tomatoes, peas, flowers, or any other plant that requires a helping hand, this netting has got you covered. 🍅🌸🌿


Perfectly suited for:
- Indoor during vegetative stage 🌱
- Indoor during flowering phase 🌼
- Tomatoes, peas, flowers, and all other plants requiring trellis support. 🍅🌸


The AC Infinity Flexible Trellis Net is an indispensable tool for every indoor cultivator. Whether you're a seasoned cannabis grower, a vegetable enthusiast, or just starting your gardening journey, this netting guarantees your plants get the optimal support they need. Elevate your indoor cultivation with this top-tier trellis netting and witness your plants thrive like never before! 🌟🍁🌱🍅🌸

Easy to install and Re-usable, this is a no brainer. 

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