AC Infinity - Refillable Carbon Filter Kit



AC Infinity - Refillable Carbon Filter Kit




Product description

Finally! A refillable Eco-Friendly Carbon Filter:

 Order a Kit that comes with Filter, Carbon and an Extra Refill Bag or just order Refill bags if you already have the filter. 

Reusable Carbon Filter for Grow Tents 🌿💨

Discover a revolutionary, replenishable carbon filter for your grow tent needs. 🌱 The iF Award-winning design embraces sustainability, encouraging refills over replacements. Matching the efficiency of two 6” carbon filters without the cost, this filter is your ultimate solution against unwanted odors. 🍃💰

Break free from the cycle of purchasing and discarding. Our eco-design, loaded with premium Australian virgin charcoal, ensures longer, superior odor-blocking. When it's refill time, compost the old charcoal and top up. A step towards a greener tomorrow. 🌳

Housed within dual layers of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel mesh, our filter ensures that the charcoal is securely locked in, keeping odors at bay. Designed to withstand varying conditions, this filter is built to last through numerous grow cycles. 🌡️💧

Perfect for hydroponic enthusiasts, this refillable carbon filter is tailor-made for 6” inline duct fans. Each kit provides a funnel, scoop, and a bonus charcoal refill to keep the air clean continuously. Whenever you need more refills, they're just an order away. Breathe fresher, grow better. 🌸🌀

Upgrade to the future of sustainable grow tent solutions. Order now! 🛍️🌟


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