Worms: Red Wigglers

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Red Wigglers Worm orders must be in by Friday at 12 p.m. MTN to be shipped the coming Monday and Tuesday. Worm orders placed after noon Friday through Saturday and Sunday will be pushed out to the following Monday. 

Notice: Worms are unable to be shipped to Hawaii.

Do I need to be home when my package arrives?

It is best to be home when the package arrives however, you don't need to be there. We can have the package held at the Post Office if you want. It is recommend during the winter and summer so the worms will be alive when you get home. You may leave delivery instructions within your order notes.

Will the worms survive in transit?

We ship our worms on Mondays via USPS Priority Mail to ensure delivery during the week. This prevents worms sitting in post office through the weekend. If a holiday falls on a Monday, worms will be mailed the following day. All of our packages are clearly marked, Live Worms.Once your order has been placed, please notify your local post office that you have live worms on the way. We will be glad to mark your package to be held at the post office if temperatures are extreme, or if you will not be home at the time of delivery. Due to the nature of sending live animals, it is your responsibility to make sure your worms are received from your postal carrier or picked up at the post office. IF WORMS ARE LEFT BY THE CARRIER AT OR NEAR YOUR MAILBOX OR PORCH “LIVE DELIVERY GUARANTEED” IS VOID. YOU MUST BE HOME TO RECEIVE WORMS OR HAVE US HOLD THEM AT THE POST OFFICE FOR YOU TO PICK UP!
Worms will be considered “arrived alive” upon the first delivery attempt by the post office. “Guaranteed live delivery” is for delivery to address given." Please make sure the address you give is correct, as giving an inaccurate “ship to” will void this guarantee.     We are not responsible for the health of the worms after they are delivered or if delivery attempts are made and are unsuccessful. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to immediately follow-up on notices left by the post office. Problems must be reported on the same day as delivery is made. *If your worms arrive and have perished please contact us to handle the situation. We will need to be notified within 2 hours of your worm's arrival in order to honor the live product guarantee.
 We will request a video of both the worms and the box that they arrive in. We cannot take returns on our worms since they are a live product and will not survive a return trip to our facility.
Written verification of dead worms from the Post Office may be required before replacement worms are shipped.

Worms ship with USPS 2-3 day priority mail, this is so worms will not be in transit very long. When purchasing worms please make sure to provide us with a USPS address. Worms are shipped Monday to ensure delivery before Sunday so they don't sit in the mail all weekend. We have a high success rate for worms arriving at their destination alive and well. Please contact us within 2 hours of delivery with any problems.

If you suspect your worms may have arrived damaged or appear to be dead, please provide photos and contact support@buildasoil.com within 2 hours of delivery.