Custom Trellis Netting



Do you even SCROG?

Custom Size Trellis netting support is a long-practiced gardening technique that not only assists in canopy management that allows for optimum plants' exposure to air and light, but also helps maximize space and reduces ground contact that may result in spoilage due to mold and fungus. Our Trellis Netting is made of green, 6" square, lightweight polypropylene mesh that is strong, easy to install, and will not rot or mold.

Please select how many nets you would like cut with your desired length of trellis and add it to your cart with the trellis length. If you would like one whole piece, please add only one "Number of Nets" to your cart, with your desired length. If you have 3 beds that need 2 layers of trellis, you would add 6 "Number of Nets" to your cart. "Number of Nets" must always be added to the cart with your desired length to complete the order process.

Comes in 4' and 6.5' Widths

Use the calculator below to determine the length and number of nets you will need for your growing space.

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