Microelements 1-0-0




Ferticell® Microelements is a blend of micronutrients, freshwater algae extract, nitrogen and plant extracted amino acids (derived from soy bean).

Ferticell® Microelements is a natural liquid micronutrient blend of high quality chelated micronutrients. Ferticell® Microelements helps to boost the synthesis of enzymes, the process of photosynthesis, and the absorption of water.

By using Ferticell® Microelements throughout the crop cycle many nutrient deficiencies in the plant and soil can be avoided before they become a problem.

Unlike many micronutrient blends, Ferticell® Microelements are immediately available to the plant. Using natural unicellular algae cells helps to promote biological activity and ensure the maximum uptake and assimilation of nutrients by acting as a delivery system directly to the plant cells.


• Increase in chlorophyll content and enzymatic functions
• Aids the photosynthetic pathways resulting in better growth
• Increases the number of fruit and decreases fruit drop
• Increased rate of water absorption
• Helps to withstand stress conditions such as drought
• Better crop quality and higher yields

Directions: 5-10 ML PER GALLON OF WATER

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