Cover Crop - Fall Cold Tolerant Blend (50lb)



This blend was specifically designed with hemp farmers in mind. 

- 10.26% White Dutch Clover - (3,200,000 Seeds Per Acre)

- 89.74% Winter Rye - Hazlet - (595,000 Seeds Per Acre)

- Broadcast at a rate of 39 lbs per acre

Normally here in Montrose hemp farmers are harvesting up to frost and we needed a specific blend of seed to broadcast after harvest and establish all winter long to help fight weeds, till the soil, fix nitrogen and attract the beneficials. 

This blend is designed for low cost broadcasting of seed and is extremely cold weather tolerant and will grow well in heavy alkaline soils. 

Ideal Sowing is as soon as possible after harvest with the final window of opportunity in late october as the water shuts off after october 31st. 

Seed will sprout and grow all winter but anything not germinated in fall will come up in early spring when snow is still out. 

Once early spring comes you'll want to broadcast our Spring Green manure blend to make sure we get a good stand of green manure for the farm before planting hemp in June. 

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