Conibo Organics Fine Grade Coconut Coir 50L

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Conibo Organics Fine Grade Coconut Coir - 50L Bag

We are very excited to bring you the best quality coconut coir that we have found. This is a 100% natural, no chemical buffering coconut substrate. 


Conibo Organics was the very first company to commercially process coconut husk into a planting medium in 1984. Since then, our founders helped to convert conventional farms into innovative organic certified farms on over 20,000 acres throughout the United States and Latin America. We have been continuously researching, testing and developing the finest evidence-based growing mediums, while demonstrating gains on yields and competitive crop prices. Through years of growth trials completed by our customers with vegetables, berries, ornamentals, flowers and hemp, Conibo has developed the finest quality hydroponic coco substrates available today.

From extensive research and modeling, Conibo organics has developed the highest quality coco planting media available to growers worldwide. By applying organic processes, our substrates provide products that eliminate the worries of contamination of mold spores, heavy metals and chloride salt issues. We meet the strict requirements of organic farming techniques, providing the foundation for healthy, disease resistant plants and explosive blooms. Roots are robust and established quickly. Our strict quality control program throughout the process assures a dependable, finest quality coco substrate for commercial farms and garden enthusiasts.

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