BuildASoil No-Till Living Soil Bundle

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BuildASoil No-Till Bundle With Free Shipping: 

You've asked and we have delivered! This system is absolutely everything you would need to grow from start to finish. Just add your favorite plants and follow the system! 

Step 1: Choose the number of plants you wish to grow.

Step 2: Select that # of 15 Gallon Grassroots Living Soil Pot and Soil.

We have 4 Recipes To Choose From. 

1. LOS OLY: This is our standard Living Organic Soil With Oly Mountain Fish Compost.  15 Gallon Grassroots Fabric Pot & 15 gallons LOS OLY is $70.00 Free Shipping.

2. LOS MALIBU: This is our standard Living Organic Soil with Malibu Biodynamic Compost. 15 Gallon Grassroots Fabric Pot & 15 gallons LOS MALIBU is $75.00 Free Shipping.

3. Light Soil: High quality inputs, low cost. 15 Gallon Grassroots Fabric Pot with 15 gallon of Light Soil. $65 Free Shipping

4. 3.0 Soil: This version has significantly more ingredients and is more challenging to make but we all feel that it's worth it. 15 Gallon Grassroots Fabric Pot with 15 gallons of 3.0 Soil. $80.00 Free Shipping

Step 3: Add the No-Till Bundle below for 1-12 Plants

Complete Package Includes: 

Complete Support System (1-12 Plants) : $299.00 FREE SHIPPING!! 

Size Product Name Retail
2 Gallon BuildAFlower Top Dress $20.00
1 ounce BuildASoil Aloe Vera Powder $22.00
1/2 Pound BuildASoil Freeze Dried Coconut  $30.00
4 Ounce Rootwise Mycrobe Complete $45.00
1 Pint Rootwise Enzymes  $30.00
4 Ounce Rootwise BioPhos $80.00
1/2 Pound BuildASoil Cover Crop Blend $10.00
1/2 Cubic Foot BuildASoil Barley Straw $7.00
3 lb bag BuildASoil Craft Blend $15.00
100 Gram BuildASoil Big 6 Micros $15.00
1.5lb BuildASoil Aminos  $15.00
1 Quart ThermX70 Yucca Extract  $35.00
1 Quart BuildASoil EM-5 $20.00
2 lb Kashi Blend


1 lb BuildABloom $25.00
14 Items Living Soil Support System 1-12 Plants $369.00


Note: If you get our 1-12 Plant Bundle with only 4 Plants, you should have more than enough for several cycles. These products will store well and you will be set for the long run. 

Once you have added the 15 Gallon Grassroots Living Soil Pot With soil and the No-Till Bundle you are ready to check out.

NOTICE: FREE SHIPPING will only travel via FedEx Ground. If you purchase multiple items including these kits, your order will ship the way you choose except for this ket. This kit will ONLY ship for free via Fedex Ground. If this is a problem contact 

NOTICE: Hawaii and Alaska 15 Gallon Grassroots Pot + Soil not eligible for free shipping.

Shipping Info

BuildASoil No-Till Bundle

15 Gallon Pot + LOS OLY Soil (Free Shipping):

Dimensions: 24" x 14" x 10"

Weight: 61.30 lbs

15 Gallon Pot + LOS MALIBU Soil (Free Shipping):

Dimensions: 24" x 14" x 10"

Weight: 67.30 lbs

No-Till Bundle (1-12 Plants) (Free Shipping):

Dimensions: 24" x 14" x 10"

Weight: 49.35 lbs

Click here for more information on building your soil from scratch. 

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