Clackamas Coots Official Gnarly Barley - Artisan Sprouted Seed Blend


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The Gnarly Barley Is Here!!!


Notice: Orders will start shipping on or before 5/29/2020

Initial Orders will have plain label until the new labels arrive.

Each bag will donate to charity that tracks planting of trees. We are hoping to plant 10's of thousands of trees through the promotion of Gnarly Barley at the same time as offering a high quality and unique product. 


50% Organic Non GMO Malted Barley - 2 Row

30% Organic Non GMO Sprouted Heirloom Corn

20% Organic Non GMO Sprouted Hemp Seed

Two Versions: Whole or Milled

Whole: This means you'll be grinding it yourself in a blender. Hemp and corn both contain oils and you won't want to use your stone flour grinder. 

Milled: Milled to a meal like texture that has both flour and small chunks. 



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