BrixBlend Basalt

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BrixBlend Basalt
Rock Dust Local Basalt

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BrixBlend 40 lb Bag:
The Gold Standard of Rock Dust for Remineralization. An all purpose paramagnetic rock dust from the Pioneer Valley. Perfect for direct to ground applications in gardens, raised beds, orchards, lawns, ornamentals, soil or soil-less mixes and composting. For optimum results use between 5-50 lbs./ 100 sq. ft. in tillage, 5-25 lbs./ 100 sq. ft. top dressing. Fortifying compost use 20-25 lbs./ cu. yd. of biomass raw material. For potting mixes use up to 5% by volume. Pioneer Valley BrixBlend Basalt has been approved by Baystate Organics and Vermont Organic Farms for organic production. USDA National Organic Program Standards compliant.

Microfine 32 lb Bag:
The Basalt Microfines is the BEST paramagnetic regional rock dust for remineralization in a stone flour gradation. Works in fruit and vegetables, turf, forestry, greenhouse and for remineralizing compost. This rock dust may be incorporated directly into growing media or suspended in liquid for fertigation, drenches, watering house plants etc. May be incorporated into potting soils up to 5% by volume. Will not burn plants. Suggested application rates: Between 5-25 lbs/ 100 sq. ft in tillage or incorporation or spread on the surface. Use higher rates in tillage. In solution up to 1/2 lb./ gal. Agitate to keep particles in suspension. For house plants spread a thin layer on the surface of the soil and water in. For compost use up to 25 lbs. per cubic yard of compost raw material. Delivered in a 32# box. Please use caution when handling this powder to avoid respiratory inhalation. Instructions are in the box.

Interested in bulk? Check out our "Blue Ridge" Meta-Basalt for bulk totes. 

  • Will not effect PH and is NOT a liming agent
  • Will add paramagnetic energy and essential trace elements

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