"Bokashi Composting"

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Bokashi Composting:

by Adam Footer

The safe, clean and convenient way to compost ALL your food scraps

A well-researched, comprehensive guide to bokashi composting...people lucky enough to pick up this book will have created a beautiful microbial inoculant for their gardens and houseplants in no time.

- Phil Nauta, author of Building Soils Naturally

Bokashi composting is a safe, quick and convenient way to compost in your kitchen, garage, or apartment, using microorganisms to anaerobically ferment all food waste (including meat and dairy). Since the process takes place in a closed system, insects and smell are controlled, making it ideal for urban or business settings. Compared to conventional composting, the bokashi method is quicker and easier, with compost usually ready to be integrated into your soil or garden in around two weeks.

From scraps to soil, Bokashi Composting is the complete, step-by-step, do-it-yourself guide to the amazing process, with comprehensive information covering:

  • Background - the history, development and scientific basis of the technique
  • Getting started - composting with commercially available products or homemade systems
  • Making your own - system plans and bokashi bran recipes using common materials and locally sourced ingredients
  • Growing - improving your soil with fermented compost and bokashi juice

This essential guide is a must-read for gardeners, homeowners, apartment dwellers, traditional composters, and anyone who wants a safe, simple, and convenient way to keep kitchen waste out of the landfill.

In this upbeat, informative book, Adam Footer reveals the bokashi composting option, and shows us how to further reduce our food waste, turning it back into the earth and enriching the soil as we do. His explanation of bacterial culturing is clear and simply stated. Whether you purchase a home bokashi kit or build your own following Footer's foolproof instructions, this is the manual for you.
- Mark Macdonald, West Coast Seeds

The author Adam Footer is a permaculture designer with a focus on soil building, food forestry, cover crops, water conservation and harvesting, and natural farming. He is a tireless promoter of the use of bokashi composting to maximize the recycling of food waste.

Copyright 2014, softcover, 163 pages

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