"Quantum Agriculture"

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Quantum Agriculture:
Biodynamics and Beyond

by Hugh Lovel

Joel Salatin says: Beware you faint hearted and conventional thinkers. Hugh Lovel brings biodynamics to a place of practical application, which challenges the very essence of status quo paradigms. Now I have a clear, practical guide to hand anyone who asks "What is Biodynamics". Thank you, Hugh.

Biodynamic Agriculture is a comprehensive method of self-sufficient agriculture that produces exceedingly nutritious food. It grew out of Rudolf Steiner's agriculture lecture which were given in response to the chemical methods introduced in the mid nineteenth century by Justus von Liebig. Steiner's understanding of how individual agricultural operations lived and grew, and the roles of sulphur, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen between lime and silica, was both scientific and practical. He identified the processes essential to life and introduced natural remedies to activate these processes so farms and gardens could supply most of what they need form their surroundings.

The author Hugh Lovel is a farmer, multi-disciplinary scientist, and teacher of soil science, biodynamics, and Quantum Agriculture. He aims to raise the level of scientific understanding in biology and agriculture where the intriguing rules of quantum physics ae by far the best explanation of how living organisms interact with the soil as well as the wider universe.

Copyright 2014, softcover, 216 pages

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